Top ECommerce website development company in Kolkata – Netyogi

Top ECommerce website development company in Kolkata – Netyogi

In 2020 was a year with coronavirus pandemic  spread across the world, most countries introduced lockdowns to combat the spread of COVID-19. Due to lockdown many retailers decided to move their business online. E-Commerce Website development company Netyogi India Pvt.Ltd pioneering ecommerce website comes into picture in the present scenario.

NetYogi India is a Leading SEO/IT Company, located in Kolkata, India. Founded in 2020, we are a complete SEO company, consulting and implementing your entire digital marketing strategy. 

Here are some tips about how e-commerce marketing can increase sales

Full product descriptions

Add product videos – Provide product video which helps in increasing sales, so it is important that you make a detailed video of your product and add it to the product page.

Get customer reviews – Getting genuine customer reviews which help you to improve products trustworthiness. If you get maximum positive reviews for your products then the chance will be increased to buy it.

Add social buttons – Social sharing buttons will help your product to reach many people. So we claim ourselves as best digital marketing Company in India.

High-quality product images – Uses high-quality images of your products for attracting your customers. Product images should be clear and proper in size. If possible then use more than one image of the product.

Highlight your top-selling products –Netyogi highlight your most selling products to your customers, for increasing the sales.

Trustworthy – Our dedicated development team keep your website secured because people always buy from a trusted website.

Use structured data –Our Dedicated team of devolopers use structured data as structured Data will indirectly improve your sales by improving CTR. Structured data helps to highlights product price, size, and reviews in the search engine.

Website page speed – Website page speed also matters in improving sales & ecommerce portal. When is slow and take more than 3 seconds to load your customer leaves your website and go back to search engine for other faster website.

Our dedicated website development team at NetYogi adores the skill in frameworks such as ASP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Django, etc. We are creating an eCommerce site empowered with effective back-end technologies. Our front-end developers customize Ajax for making websites respond to requests on time without reloading. We also develop websites using other technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, etc.

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