Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

SEO Benefits

Increase website visibility & increase eCommerce sales 

SEO eCommerce sites requires a specialist to ensure that your website product pages are optimized and rank well. SEO increase traffic convert that traffic into sales. For an eCommerce site to be successful, it must deliver sales. Our team understand this and therefore, make securing conversions the main aim of our SEO eCommerce optimization work.

SEO for eCommerce sites

Optimize your eCommerce sites and to rank your website on the top it is important to depth keyword research. To identify ranking opportunities relevant to your product. Our team will help you to identify keyword ranking opportunities and create the necessary content to optimize your product pages. Product pictures and alt tags also needs to be optimized, to improve your search ranking and increase traffic.

Improving Click-Through-Rate (CTR) , writing SEO data for your Website.

When it comes to improving click-through rate (CTR), writing custom meta data is very important. We understand that doing this can be time-consuming and it isn’t always easy to know which keywords to use. Our team have vast experience in eCommerce businesses and are also able to implement Schema mark-up on your product pages.

Schema mark-up is important because it provides the searcher with more information about the product in the SERPs and can increase CTR by up to 30%. This brings more traffic to your website, which should result in more sales. Google also uses this information to better understand your content and the better Google understands your content the more likely it is to rank highly in the search results.

Our team are able to advise on content and highlight any duplicate content issues you may currently have. One of the most common issues on eCommerce websites is to have different web pages about the same product, using the same page content, where the only difference between them is the colour or size. We will be able to advise you on the best course of action to avoid any duplicate content issues.

Ecommerce seo
SEO is Good for increasing traffic

The sales funnel

For someone to make a purchase on your website they first have to trust your offering. They have to believe that what you’re offering is the best product and/or service for a conversion to occur.

This means that you first have to build trust with the consumer. This is impacted by the way you take them through to becoming a buyer, which can be broken down into 3 stages:

Awareness – the buyer realises that they have a problem or opportunity. 

Consideration – the buyer does some research to better define their pain point or opportunity, evaluating their needs and criteria to begin to identify potential approaches. 

Decision – the buyer has finalised their strategy and is now comparing websites selling the solution they’re looking for.

Guiding a consumer through the sales funnel requires your business providing multiple touchpoints to engage that users and turn them into a customer. This means that you have to create content for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Effective SEO can create searchers looking for the product you’re selling.

Increasing on-page conversions

You may have already invested time and money into search engine optimisation and seen an increase in the traffic to your website, but is this increased traffic resulting in increased sales? If not, then you have a conversion problem. The good news is that our team have years of experience working with clients on increasing on-page conversions on websites.

When it comes to securing sales, our team are well versed in the Inbound sales methodology and have a developed understanding of the buyer’s journey. We can help you to create the right type of content and implement effective calls to action to move customers through the sales funnel. 

We can help you increase your website conversions

Our team have worked with a number of clients with eCommerce websites to improve their search rankings and optimise these sites better for on-page conversions, helping to significantly increase sales. 

Tell us about your business goals and we’ll discuss how we can help you achieve them. Contact our team today and we’ll devise a solution just right for your business.

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