5 Tips to Convert Facebook Ad Leads

5 Tips to Convert Facebook Ad Leads

Do you use Facebook ads to generate leads? Want to convert more Facebook leads into customers?

In this article, you’ll discover five effective tips to increase the chances your Facebook leads will become customers.

Those who leads basically convert them in to towards the listing. Many B2B and B2C brands struggle with Facebook ad leads conversion. While they do manage to generate leads, their sales number remains low.

You can either hire a digital marketing company in Kolkata or implement these five tips to convert Facebook ad leads into leads:

Facebook leads

Put them into an email drip campaign

After collecting people’s information, connect with them again. As soon as you have their email address, put them into an email drip campaign. Ideally, you want to have multiple such campaigns for lead nurturing. Each of them should be designed based on different buyer personas. A higher level of personalisation will ensure your email drip campaigns are more effective. A higher level of personalisation Get you higher rank of positivity. Facebook Ads to Generate leads

 Offer them 

You may have generated the leads by promising something free; like discounts, ebooks, coupon codes, free trial, limited-time access, and more.

So, of course, offer what you promised.

In addition, offer more free value if possible.

The more value you provide to them, the better it would reflect on your brand. And a better brand positioning where people trust you and appreciate the value you brought to them will inevitably increase your conversion rate.

Leverage the power of video

Videos are very powerful. They can significantly increase your conversion rate.

So, whatever conversations you’re having with the Facebook leads, try to have a large part of them in videos.

Integrate videos into your sales pages and other landing pages.

Focus on driving engagement

Engagement is very important for conversion. It also helps boost brand credibility, as well as increase customer lifetime value. Moreover, if done right, it can turn customers into brand advocates, bringing you bigger rewards.

So, once you have Facebook leads, focus on engaging with them; strike meaningful conversations.

You can do this by adding them to a Facebook Group or Telegram Channel. You can also try SMS marketing. Or even in emails, you can encourage them to respond to your emails and have a conversation there.

Run Facebook ads

Not all the Facebook leads you have captured would engage with you. They may not click on your emails or take any desired action.

In such a scenario, Facebook retargeting ads can be very powerful. You already have their email addresses and other contact details, along with possible other data points. Run ads against them; remind them about your brand and product. Let them know about the action you want them to take.

With retargetted ads, you can even offer additional discounts and other perks to compel them to take an action.

These are effective tips to help you convert Facebook ad leads and make sales.

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